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un nouveau mode de garde pour vos enfants 


Un nouveau mode de garde pour vos enfants

Daycare Smiley World

Private Daycare in Lausanne

. . . A new mode of care for your children. .

Welcome to Smiley World, private chilcare in Lausanne, private bilingual daycare in Lausanne.


The SmileyWorld Daycare in pictures ...Click here for a virtual visit 

The chilcare Smileyworld, a private daycare in Lausanne, offers a unique and fun place where your child will thrive in a safe environment under the watchful eye of our qualified team for a more respectful welcome.

Our daycare center in Lausanne offers a quality educational childcare service. Our dynamic educational program promotes the awakening of children's senses and openness to diverse cultures.

Our team is made up of qualified, very enthusiastic and warm staff, who have at heart the harmonious development of children.

Our pedagogy aims to develop the autonomy, the socialization and the creativity of the child. It is based essentially on observation in order to adapt the activities of the day, free or structured, to the age of the children.

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" You think :

- It's exhausting to look after the children.

You are right.

You add :

- Because we have to put ourselves at their level. We lower, lean, bend, shrink.

There you are mistaken. It is not so much that tires us the most, as being obliged to rise to the height of their feelings.

To raise us, to stretch, to put us on tiptoe, to stretch.

So as not to hurt them. "

Janusc Korczak

Our educational project

Our educational project, private daycare Lausanne

SmileyWorld works in accordance with the educational principles of the following pedagogies

Maria Montessori

At SmileyWorld we offer the child the opportunity to develop his or her sensitivities to the maximum in a framework suited to his psychological needs. This development is possible because we take into account the respect of the rhythm proper of each child and its individual peculiarities while awakening it to the social life.

Emmi Pickler

At SmileyWorld we highlight the autonomous activity and the importance of stable relationships between children and professionals. We consider the child as a being able to express his needs, to be understood and to interact with his surroundings. We value our ability to be a player in our own development. We guarantee the child a privileged affective relationship within a stable, reliable and predictable institutional framework as the indispensable foundation for the physical and psychic serenity that a child needs to deploy his strength to grow.

Our Golden Rules

"Help me to do alone" (Maria Montessori)

Dialogue and communication are of paramount importance

We favor situations where the child is active even at an early age

We allow it to explore and modify situations of itself

We attach great importance to sharing with the child and to the joy of "doing alone"

A day at SmileyWorld

7h00 -7h45 Welcome and separation / free games

7h45 -8h30 Breakfast

8:30 am - 9:15 am Regrouping / rituals - Day program and first aid

Around 9:30 Start of activities

Around 11:00 Meals, moments to share

Towards 12:30 pm The nap time!

Around 15h00 Tasting

Around 16h00 Outings in the garden and / or activities

4 pm - 7 pm Reunion and departure

Our daycare

Bilingual Smileyworld daycare in Lausanne

SmileyWorld is a bilingual English / German private chilcare.

We welcome children from 4 months to 36 months and offer workshops to awaken their autonomy and socialization.

The chilcare SmileyWorld responds to requests from parents who wish their child a place to greet, awaken with other children and under the care of a team of qualified professionals.

Our Golden Rules

We consider each child a unique being.

We offer an educational program adapted to the age and needs of the children

We are a qualified and warm team

We offer a stimulating and comforting environment

We guarantee peace of mind for parents

Our team

Bilingual daycare in Lausanne - Our team

The Executive Director

Founder and manager of the SmileyWorld crèche, she is the guarantor of safety, quality, hygiene and the pedagogical team.

The Director of Education

Based on her experience, our director holds a diploma of Educator of Childhood. It sets up educational tools, develops training programs at the Smileyworld daycare center. She collaborates with the teaching team in place. She trains staff internally on teaching strategies. It also has the role of fostering partnerships with the local network in the field in which it works.

The Educator of Childhood

She designs, implements the educational project of the Smileyworld crèche and coordinates the projects of activities that result from it. It promotes the child's overall development (emotional, psychomotor and intellectual) while enhancing the place of the cultural and artistic awakening of the child and his family.

The Socio-educational Assistant

It organizes and carries out the welcome and activities that contribute to the development of the child as part of the educational project of the Smileyworld crèche. She participates in the care, the acquisition of the cleanliness and is guarantor of the hygiene of the child.

The auxiliary

The auxiliary meets the daily needs of the child by the presence it assures, the specialized care in which it participates and the activities of awakening organized by the childcare educator and the socio-educational assistant.

The SmileyWorld Daycare in pictures ...Click here for a virtual visit 

Our formulas

Our formulas – Daycare Smileyworld

Formula 1 7H - 19H full day 140fr


Formula 2 7H - 12H30 with meal 100fr

Formula 3 13H00 - 19H with snack 100fr

Monthly package 2600fr per month.

Our meals are labeled "green fork of the toddlers" guaranteeing a nutritional balance for your children.

For two registered children: A 10% reduction is made on the lowest pension provided that the days are the same.

For three registered children: A 15% reduction is made on the third lowest pension provided that the days are the same.

NB: The crèche provides

- layers

- wet and dry wipes

- creams (solar, for exchange)

- toothbrush + toothpaste

- hat

To obtain a pre pre-registration form, please contact us

 We will send you back a form for pre-registration at the SMILEYWORLD daycare center. It is to be completed and returned by mail or by mail.


Please note that pre-registration has no final admission value.


The Director will contact you as soon as possible to confirm or not your registration, depending on the places available.

In case of acceptance, the final registration dossier will be given to you with the complete list of the documents to be provided.

If there is no room, and if you wish, your file will be put on hold until a place becomes available.